New Films available on the FFU online Charity Screenings – “The Night Express” & “Fantastic Ukrainians – Chapter 2”

A dark comedy set on a train and the second chapter of the six-part docuseries offering a deep dive in the Ukrainian culture through the power of music.

Two new films join the program of the Online Charity Screenings on Filmmakers for Ukraine. Both available on our platform starting from Thursday, 18 August.

Night Express, directed by Maryna Artemenko and Oksana Artemenko, is a 27 minute short film entirely set on a train, starting off with an accident turning out to trigger a funny dark comedy.

In a time where mainstream action and sci-fi movies carry the word “Fantastic” in their titles, the series of documentaries called Fantastic Ukrainians really grounds the meaning of the word, offering the viewers the possibility to take a deep dive into the core of Ukrainian identity. The second episode of the docuseries focuses on CINEMA.


A shot from The Night Express

The Night Express (2019) by Maryna Artemenko & Oksana Artemenko


On a New Year’s Eve journalist Tanya is setting on a train by her friend, for this removing another passenger. Friend says that Tanya is a surgeon and she’s having an important surgery tomorrow. Drunk lawyer Tolya sit down in the same compartment. Train brakes, suitcase puts down and cuts off Tolya’s finger. Now Tanya as a surgeon must save Tolya’s life.

Watch the original trailer for Night Express:

Fantastic Ukrainians is a series of documentary films about some of the most prominent people in contemporary Ukrainian music, cinema, literature, visual arts, fashion and dance. This week FILMMAKERS FOR UKRAINE presents the first of the six films.

Fantastic Ukrainians – Film 2. CINEMA (2020 – 2021)

There is no society without culture” – those are the first words we hear in the trailer for the film – “Only by realizing that we are truly unique, we will build a new cultural heritage. A new Ukraine“.


Why do they say that Ukrainian cinema has just learned to walk and went to kindergarten. How a film is made, and why the person responsible for the light is no less important than the director. And also: why comedies collect millions in film distribution, and when Ukraine will receive the first Oscar.

Watch the trailer for Fantastic Ukrainians

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