Parthenon (2019)



other title: Partenonas, Stasi

Director: Mantas Kvedaravicius

Genre: Drama

Country: Lithuania, Finland, France

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, English, Turkish

Length: 119 Minutes

Parthenon – Synopsis

In a cheap brothel at the foothills of an Athenian fortress, a man recounts the magnificent events of his life. His search for love and glory is retold and relived by many: a prostitute with an unredeemable past, a gangster haunted by bad luck, an icon painter who has no faith… In one of the stories, the man finds his riches, in another he becomes a vagabond prophet, in yet another he returns home to his wife. Memories betray him, but he knows for sure that in one of these lives, he will be killed.

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