Ma (2016)

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Short Film

Director: Maria Stoianova

Genre: Drama, War

Country: Ukraine

Language: Russian

Length: 17 Minutes

Synopsis: Ma (2016) by Maria Stoianova is the video diary of a Ukrainian mother from Mariupol, a city close to the turbulent Donetsk Region. A series of several-minute long records of commonplace views from a window, following tracks in the snow, and strolls in the surroundings form a loving visual message for her daughter. (Source: MUBI)

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About the Director:
Maria Stoianova is a Kyiv-based filmmaker. She studied Culturology at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Central European University. Maria worked in various positions in the film industry of Ukraine. She also directed and edited four short documentaries. Her film Ma (2017) won a number of awards at international film festivals. Maria Stoyanova participated in programmes for young filmmakers including IDFA Academy, INDIE Lab, EAST WEST TALENT Lab, The young about Ukraine, B2B DOC. She graduated from the DOC Workshop by Serhiy Bukovsky. (Source:

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