Las Meninas (2008)

Las Meninas, by Ihor Podolchak & Dean Karr

Las Meninas (2018)
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Director: Ihor Podolchak, Dean Karr

Writer: Ihor Podolchak

Genre: Drama

Country: Ukraine

Language: Ukrainian, English subtitles

Length: 99 Minutes

Also known as: Меніни (Ukrainian title)

Las Meninas – Synopsis

A family of four lives in the suburbs household. Through a complex interplay of light and mirrors, it’s more art installation than a house. The main character is a son in early thirties who almost does not appear on the screen. Suffering from asthma and struggling with dermatitis since his childhood, a man uses his condition to manipulate their parents and sister.


Full movie on (Ukrainian with English subtitles)

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