FORBIDDEN (in need of support)

directed and produced by Andrew Liulko

FORBIDDEN is a science fiction film about the best human qualities that helped to survive the consequences of a nuclear war, a film about the difficult path of rebirth to realize the true value – love.

from the FORBIDDEN storyboard


Director & Producer: Andrew Liulko
Genre: Science Fiction
Country: Ukraine, Sri Lanka
Language: English, Ukrainian
Length: 90 Minutes, 3 episodes of 40-50 minutes each for TV release
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 or 16:9

The Producer reached out to Filmmakers for Ukraine to ask for help, as he and his team are currently looking for financial and other kind of support in order to get the project going. Here is what Andrew Liulko he told us:

“Now we are at the stage of development, we are working on the script, we are looking for funding. Right now we are working with the artist on character concepts and locations.”

“At this stage, we are looking for all opportunities to strengthen the project and its funding:
1) Now it will help us a lot to spread information about our film and intentions.
2) Involvement of producers who know famous foreign actors or communicate with celebrities, studios, distributors, film festival organizers, etc.
3) Contacts with potential investors or funds that are interested in the new international project. Ideally for us, these are contacts of people from large studios, or productions, or agents of the netflix / hbo / amazon family, to whom we could present our project and implement it on a much larger scale.”

You will find a way to contact the producer down below at end of this page.

FORBIDDEN – Synopsis

2022: Ukraine wins the war with Russia and captures a secret weapon – GMF (Genetically Modified Food) berries which help the human body survive the effects of nuclear consequences. The ensuing worldwide nuclear war threatens the survival of humans. The continents are flooded, most of the land has become uninhabitable due to toxic fog.

A group of people survive and take refuge underground in the “Last City”. The stock of secret GMF berries and other resources of the city is limited. All hope for Till and his ship, he dreams of the idea to ​​​​find a safe place for his daughter Laura and for the life of the whole city. Caring for his daughter keeps Till from going insane on a dangerous journey in search of a new home in a ruined world.

Till and his team find savages on a tropical island. Laura falls in love with a respected local, Rollu. Laura convinces the insane father not to kill the inhabitants, but to make a deal with them to grow GMF berries and collect resources together. But after that, Till intends to exterminate the savages, he believes, only so the “Last City” can survive. While Till and the savages of the island are drawn into the carnage, Laura and Rollu steal the only one ship with berries and resources and sail away.

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