Diorama (2018)


Short Documentary

Director: Zoya Laktionova

Country: Ukraine

Language: Russian

Length: 12 Minutes

Diorama (2018) – Synopsis

Life flows in its everyday reality. But then suddenly something elusive changes its course. All that is left is the chance to plunge into memories where everything is preserved, as if in a museum. (Source Takflix.com)

This is a melancholic film. The story of a deserted Ukrainian beach that is currently mined and dangerous due to explosives under water. Images of the post-apocalyptic landscape are accompanied with a voiceover. And also by personal memories of the locals and opinions of experts. (Source: Ji-hlava.com)

Availability: Diorama is available on Demand on Takflix.com

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About the Director:
Zoya Laktionova was born in Mariupol. She entered the world of documentary cinema as one of the heroines of the film “Ma” (directed by Maria Stoyanova) in 2017. Then the film won the Grand Prix in the competition MyStreetFilmsUkraine 2017 at the festival “86”. A year later, Zoya herself took part in MyStreetFilmsUkraine 2018 – the educational program of the Film and Urban Film Festival 86. She won with her first film “Diorama”.

Further Information:

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