Deep Love (2019)

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Animated Short Film


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Director: Mykyta Lyskov

Country: Ukraine

Length: 14 Minutes

Also known as: Кохання (Original Ukrainian title)

Deep Love- Synopsis

The place of this animated short is the city Dnipro (Ukraine). Partly a documentary, through the prism of absurdity and black humor, the film tells the story about a big city during historical changes and decommunization. (Source: Mykyta Lyskov – Vimeo Channel)

Availability: The film is currently available on Youtube through Mykyta Lyskov’s official page. Click here to watch

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Further Information:

Deep Love at IMDB

“Psychedelia and neighborhood nonsense in a colorful and grotesque punk comedy. A shock for the eyes that demonstrates that Mykyta Lyskov is one of the most unconventional personalities in current European animation” – Deep Love at Sitges Film Festival

“Mykyta Lyskov presents a tapestry of Ukrainian situations in his short. A film that went on to many festival and won awards. Among those: Grand Prix at Dok Leipzig (Germany) – next masters competition, PÖFF shorts (Estonia), Animocje Festival (Poland), and Turku Animated Film Festival (Finland). As he himself says in his interviews, he needs to pursue socio-political topics with a funny angle” – Read the full article on ZippyFrames

Mykyta Lyskov – Official Vimeo Page

Deep Love at Dok Leipzig