LAS MENINAS – Watch Ihor Podolchak’s first feature on the Filmmakers for Ukraine Charity Screenings

The 2008 psychedelic drama is the first feature by the Ukrainian director. All of his works are now available on the Filmmakers for Ukraine Charity Screenings Platform

Las Meninas closes our retrospective on the work of Ukrainian director Ihor Podolchak. This drama marked Podolchak’s debut behind the camera. The film world premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival back in 2008. It is now available on the Filmmakers for Ukraine charity screenings platform.

Las Meninas explores what the routine of everyday life can do to the human mind and psyche. The film also reflects on the importance of the choices we make and how limited these are in the first place. Once again, Podolchak goes back to his love for “psychedelic drama”, framing with his camera what seem to be the scattered pieces of a puzzle. It will be up to the viewer to assemble them in order to form his very own picture – something that makes the film itself personal and unique.

Filmmakers for Ukraine would like to thank one more time Ihor Podolchak, as the director was one of the first artists to approach us, offering his films for charity purposes.


Las Meninas
Serhiy Mykhalchuk (DoP, left) and Ihor Podolchak on the set of Las Meninas set (courtesy of Wikipedia)


A scene from Las Meninas

Las Meninas, by Ihor Podolchak (2008)


The plot evolves around a family of four. They live in the suburbs, in a strange villa that appears, through a complex game of mirrors, to be more like a piece of installation art than a real house.

The main character, who hardly appears on screen, is the son, a man in his thirties. Suffering from asthma and eczema since childhood, he uses his condition to manipulate his parents and his sister. Thus the existence of the terrorized family turns into an endless ritual of attempting to satisfy his whims, and always on the alert for yet another one of his “health crises”. 

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