Work for assistant editor – documentary film about Ukraine

German production is looking for an assistant editor for the documentary film about Ukraine from the time of the Maidan to the present day.
The film is directed by Kristof Gerega and supported by ZDF.
The documentary follows journalists who become politicians and continue their careers in public activism and politics – Svitlana Zalischuk, Mustafa Nayem and Serhiy Leshchenko.
The main tasks of the assistant, for now, are to translate the text from Ukrainian into English and create subtitles inside Premiere Pro (there is a new convenient feature), and work with the archives of the Verkhovna Rada.
The director and the head editor speak English and German.
Production takes place through a German film company, the editor will be hired with a working contract for freelancers.

For more information contact:
Kristof Gerega:
or Oleksandra Chuprina: tel. +49 176 41769240