NATFA supports the refugee students from Ukraine’s higher education institutions

The Academic Council of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) decided to provide an opportunity for refugee students from Ukraine’s higher education institutions, studying in the field of stage and screen arts, to continue their education at NATFA. 

The opportunity could be implemented by adhering to the following parameters:

1. Providing reliable information about the student’s status in Ukraine (student record book with official attributes and stems, or transcript of the records), or confirmation from Ukrainian officials. 

2. Participation in an equivalent exam in front of NATFA professors committee, in order to be determined in which year the student could be enrolled. 

NAFTA is prepared to provide free of fee education, free accommodation at the student’s dormitory, free use of the student’s canteen, and free public transport card, for the period of the 2021/2022 academic year, as well as to give any of the refugee students an opportunity to immediately start regular paid jobs under a temporary contract, at the NAFTA Drama Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Educational Audio-visual Complex, Academic Library and Archive, students dormitory and students canteen.