Entry in Spain

Ukrainian don’t need visa to enter Spain and don’t need to apply for a visa if they have a biometric passport. Ukrainians who don’t have a biometric passport or travel documents can go to a consular office of a country bordering Ukraine to have their situation studied. If passport or any other travel documents are missing they can present birth certificate or other documents that proves residence in Ukraine before February 24, 2022.

Minors needs birth certificate and certificates that proves the family relationship, guardians relationship or certificate for the people who accompany the minor and are in charge of him.
Ukrainians can stay three months in Schengen area (Spain) as “tourists”.

Information phone: +34 910474444
Emergency telephone number in Spain: 112
Police phone number: 091
Number for victims of Gender Violence: 016

The contact details of the Ukrainian embassy in Spain are:
Calle Ronda de Abubilla, 52 28043 Madrid, Spain