Bored Panda is hiring!

Bored Panda, which is an international viral content development and production organization based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is open to employ creative Ukrainians who are looking for jobs in many content creation departments. We are open to employ actors, models, videographers, remote video editors and many more.
Here is a list of the important information you could add to your great site:
Company name: Bored Panda Studios
Field / Department:  International viral content development and production organization
Open positions / required languages: actors, models on site, videographers, artist account managers (communication with clients), idea generators, remote video editors, remote data analysts, remote data scientist, remote scriptwriter and many more.
Spoken English is required.
Workplace: remote/office
Contact email:
Headquarters: Vilnius
Job opportunities at Bored Panda:
Additional information: Freelance work