Filmmakers for Ukraine at the AFC Micro Salon in Paris

© Calwin Walker

Members of Filmmakers for Ukraine attend AFC Micro Salon in Paris. AFC, the Association of French Cinematographers membership comprises world-renowned French cinematographers. Many have won awards at international film festivals. Manufacturers and service providers are active associate members. 

Each year, the AFC organises the AFC Micro Salon show consisting of two days of meetings and technical discussions in a friendly informal atmosphere, where cutting-edge equipment is on display. 

Filmmakers for Ukraine representatives Calvin Walker and Olivier Kluyskens attended the show and discussed synergies with the AFC and other associations such as the AFR, French Association for Location Managers. We found that many members of the French cinema and TV industry would like to directly support Ukrainian filmmakers in practical terms as well as making donations. Therefore will work together on getting Filmmakers for Ukraine more known in France.

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AFC micro salon