FilmBOOST – scholarship programme is launched

NGO Docudays together with Deutsche Filmakademie e.V. start a scholarship programme within the framework of the DOCU/HELP support initiative for filmmakers who work with fiction or documentary projects. The call for applications will be open from 6th July, the scholarship programme will start in September. During this time, the DOCU/HELP support initiative will only service this scholarship programme and will temporarily pause accepting applications for urgent support with equipment, fuel costs, etc.

A call for applications will run from July 6 to 31

34 fellows will be selected by an independent jury. Support is provided in the form of a monthly stipend. The total value of a scholarship for one person is EUR 5,000: EUR 1,250 paid monthly from September to December 2022.

The scholarship may only be used to cover the activities directly related to the project specified in the submitted application. A variety of projects may be supported through this programme: development and creation of an audiovisual work or script, research for a short/full-length documentary/fiction film, work on a documentary/fiction film (development, production, postproduction), and creation of a series of short films.

Requirements for the applicants:

The following criteria will be considered when selecting fellows:

  • the applicant is a citizen of Ukraine;
  • the applicant lives in Ukraine and will remain in the country during the scholarship period;
  • The applicant has relevant experience in film production;
  • The project submitted by the applicant (development and creation of an audiovisual work or screenplay, research for a short/feature-length documentary/feature film, work on a documentary/feature film (development, production, post-production), creation of a series of short films, etc.) is an auteur art project which conceptualizes the events of the war and its consequences, as well as the events in Ukraine today at the political, social, economic, legal, personal levels.

Each of the fellows will be obliged to provide a short monthly descriptive report (for internal use) on how the funds were used and how the project developed. On the 1st of December, each of the fellows will be obliged to send examples of work materials produced during the scholarship period, a descriptive report on how the funds were used, and participate in the public presentation of their work in December, in Germany. In each case, we will agree on the format of the presentation and what kind of work materials can be presented.

During the scholarship programme, 34th of scholars will be presented publically (short biographies, portraits, a short description of the projects they are working on, and visual materials of the projects (if available)).  

34 fellows will be selected by an independent jury:
1. Daria Badior, film critique
2. Viktor Hlon, programmer of the Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist”
3. Anna Machukh, Head of the Ukrainian Film Academy & the Odesa International Film Festival
4. Julia Kovalenko, programmer of the IDHRFF Docudays UA, PhD in Cultural Studies
5. Martina Bleis, Head of the Berlinale Co-Production Market

All applicants have to fill in the application form (link below)

More information on DocuDays Website
Read the detailed Regulations of the scholarship programme.
If you have any questions, please contact DocuDays –

Application Form for the FilmBOOST Project