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The latest episode of the Docuseries Fantastic Ukrainians focuses entirely on the power of Dance in Ukraine

We approach the new chapter of the Fantastic Ukrainians by asking: how can you not be romantic about Dance?

The Online Charity Screenings on Filmmakers for Ukraine introduce the latest episode of the docuseries. Available on our platform from Thursday, 8 September.

The new film brings together the leaders of the dance industry in Ukraine, as they tell from their own experience how to become a professional dancer. And make a living out of this profession. From hip-hop to ballet and ballroom dancing. These artists share how to choose the style, and how to work as a director and be in demand abroad.

In a time where mainstream action and sci-fi movies carry the word “Fantastic” in their titles, the series of documentaries called Fantastic Ukrainians really grounds the meaning of the word, offering the viewers the possibility to take a deep dive into the core of Ukrainian identity.


Fantastic Ukrainians is a series of documentary films about some of the most prominent people in contemporary Ukrainian music, cinema, literature, visual arts, fashion and dance. This week FILMMAKERS FOR UKRAINE presents the new chapter of the six part Docuseries.

Fantastic Ukrainians – Season 2. Episode 1. DANCE (2020 – 2021)

There is no society without culture” – those are the first words spoken in the trailer for the film – “Only by realizing that we are truly unique, we will build a new cultural heritage. A new Ukraine“.


First places in international competitions, participation in dance groups of stars of the first magnitude, staging spectacular performances for dance TV shows, which are adored by millions – all this is about modern Ukrainian choreography. For years, Ukrainian dancers and choreographers have transformed the vision of dance in Ukraine and represented the industry far beyond the country.

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