Safe&Sound Ukraine – fundraising action

This is a donation action created by Xenia Vinogradova, I’m a production sound mixer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

We, filmmakers, musicians, and creators all around the world, are used to one simple thing — utilizing our skills, resources, and values in a collective effort for achieving the best result.
Only sometimes the result can be bigger than a captivating work of art — this time we have a chance to bring a firm hand of support to a wonderful country that’s going through dark times. I invite you to take part in the fundraising initiative Safe&Sound Ukraine that we started in partnership with Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc., Lectrosonics, Inc., and K-Tek, as well as sound mixers communities in LA (LASoundMixers), Atlanta, and Germany. We have a goal to provide Ukrainians with much-needed communication devices: robust digital walkie-talkies and satellite phones for Ukrainian defenders, medics, and evacuation coordinators.
This will allow our people to stay together even in the toughest situations (frontlines, cities under siege, etc) and to help each other effectively in the fight for Ukrainian freedom.
This is a unique case when the power of the filming community can help save lives.

The aim of the fundraiser — is to raise $250k to cover all the needs in communication devices. For now, we set a smaller goal to cover the most urgent needs – $50k

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IMPORTANT: Please always add a description of the payment: “Support for Ukraine 2”.