Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs

Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs (SPTK) its works against the background of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Entrepreneurs of the TV and film industries have united to achieve peace in Ukraine and for the victory of our state as soon as possible, have united all their resources and are currently actively volunteering. The main goal of the SPTK’s efforts is to help our defenders fight the enemy, meet their humanitarian needs, and protect the civilian population.
In order to fulfil its main goal, a large amount of humanitarian aid has already been
redirected from abroad to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civil citizens, including
medicines, first medical aid, food, hygiene, etc. In addition, the purchase and transfer of an ambulance for the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as other vehicles for the needs of our defenders were organized.
Currently, the NGO SPTK has devoted all its resources and attracted resources from few
permanent partners to volunteering, but, like any volunteer project, it is in dire need of help from all not indifferent people who can and want to join the noble cause. NGO SPTK publishes current needs on the web page and on our social networks, for which funds are collected, and reports on their acquisition and transfer to our citizens and defenders. We ask you to promote our activities -material, information, everything is important. We ask you to join the common struggle so that the NGO SPTK will continue to contribute to the victory of Ukraine

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