Fight for Right – Support for Ukrainians with disabilities

Fight for Right – Supports Ukrainians with disabilities in crisis (in Ukraine).
No one in Ukraine had chosen this war, but it directly affects groups already facing discrimination. For people with disabilities who face barriers and inaccessibility at all times, war brings an additional, overwhelming feeling of fear and helplessness; not to mention a direct threat to their lives. Ukrainians with disabilities have far fewer options for evacuation.

We at Fight For Right have been helping these individuals to evacuate, and we have been working 24/7. Our team tirelessly seeks out volunteers, gathering medicine and food for this emergency. We problem-solve and help evacuate everyone who needs it, and some people with disabilities have been successfully evacuated. There are so many more waiting. We are all fighting for every life!

Please consider donating in this time of immense need. All funds will be used to transport people to safe places and give these people financial support. We also use funds to buy food and medicine for people who can not evacuate. Funds will be transferred directly to a Ukrainian NGO (Fight for Right NGO) led by Ukrainians with disabilities. Help will be provided directly on the ground in Ukraine.