DOK Leipzig: Solo cinema for Ukraine: A film evening at the Prager Frühling cinema bar

Featuring On 1 April, we are guests at the Prager Frühling cinema bar with a Ukrainian film evening. We will show the animated short film Deep Love followed by the documentary No Obvious Signs.

No Obvious Signs

With this evening we would like to help filmmakers in Ukraine and support them in their work. The ticket proceeds will therefore go to our colleagues at the Docudays UA film festival. They are currently collecting donations for Ukrainian filmmakers who are documenting the events on the ground and need support or technical equipment. The appeal of Docudays UA with a detailed description of what the donations will be used for can be found here in English:

Tickets for the Soli cinema evening cost €8 (reduced €7). We will also set up a donation box on site – for all those who would like to make an additional contribution.

From now on you can book your ticket for the evening via Cinetixx – or just drop by spontaneously on 1 April. Reservations are not possible. The film starts at 7 pm.

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers and would like to thank everyone who is taking part in the Soli Cinema.

More about the films

In his breathtaking animated film Deep Love, Mykyta Lyskov paints a picture of Ukraine that is unsparingly honest and at the same time empathetic and full of humour – including Lenin, bald eagles (the power animal of the USA) and plastic bags that are suddenly stuck on everyone’s heads.

No Obvious Signs by Alina Gorlova is a haunting study about a highly decorated Ukrainian soldier who struggles with panic attacks after her deployment and tries to get back to civilian life.
Both films won awards at DOK Leipzig: Deep Love won the Golden Dove in our Next Masters competition in 2019, No Obvious Signs received the MDR Film Award in 2018, which honours an outstanding Eastern European documentary in our programme every year.
Deep Love has no dialogue or subtitles, No Obvious Signs we show in the original version with English subtitles.