DOK.fest München 2022: Five films about the War in Ukraine and its History

In view of Russia’s brutal war of aggression on Ukraine, the 37th DOK.fest München is showing five films that deal with its background: four current films from Ukraine as well as the opening film NAWALNY about Russia’s most important opposition figure Alexei Nawalny, which is running in the international competition.

04 to 15 May 2022 @the Munich venues
09 to 22 May 2022 @home


Daniel Sponsel and Adele Kohout (festival directors): “The opening film comprehensively outlines that our expectation that stable democratic structures would be established in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet system did not come true. The idea of partnership oriented towards the economy and the market is also proving to be obsolete. The flourishing landscapes in the East are more or less reserved for the oligarchs, and the country under Putin remains trapped in the Soviet Union’s claims to world power. The brutal present follows its long shadow of the past, which we did not want to see for so long. The first casualties of any war are truth and humanity. The films from and about Ukraine in our programme impressively testify to how the weakest members of a society are affected.”


Current films from and about Ukraine at DOK.fest München 2022

Denmark/Sweden/Finland/Ukraine 2021, Simon Lereng Wilmont, 87 min.

Ukraine/Germany 2021, Philipp Schaeffer, 16 min

US 2022, Daniel Roher, 98 min.

Switzerland 2021, Lesia Kordonets, 102 min.

France 2021, Loup Bureau, 85 min.

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