Docudays UA launches the Ukraine War Archive

The team behind the Docudays Film Festival is launching a website for the Ukraine War Archive initiative. It will help visitors upload materials in a more convenient way and share information about the war. Access to the archive itself will be available later, upon request.

In mid-March, NGO Docudays launched the Encyclopaedia of War project. Since then, the Docudays UA team has received more than 19 hours’ worth of video evidence and found partners among human rights organisations that collect videos and file lawsuits against Russian war criminals.
The authors of the project are looking for video and audio materials that document:
– everyday life during the war;
– the civilian population resisting the aggressors;
– evacuation and stays in bomb shelters;
– destruction, violence and other crimes committed by the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine;
– any other material filmed during the war that may be important.

Anybody can upload footage taken by them or by other people. NGO Docudays guarantees that all of the authors who submit their footage to the Ukraine War Archive will remain anonymous.