Vapaa liikkuvuus – The Freedom of Movement network in Finland

ThFree Movement hosts „Coffee Without Borders“, an open, free-of-charge café in Helsinki and Tampere. You are welcome regardless of what it says on your passport or whether you have one at all.Free Movement offers counselling to migrants and their supporters. Counselling is offered by activists who are familiar with the migration administrative process.CWB & Counselling of Free Movement in Heslsinki are open every Wednesday from 5 to 8 at Lymy (Pengerkatu 6, 00530 Helsinki). For councelling please book a time slot through email (vapaaliikkuvuus@gmail.com) if possible.CWB in Tampere is arranged unregularly. For information on when the café is organised please


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PAKOLAISNEUVONTA – The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre

The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1988 by other Finnish NGOs. The Refugee Advice Centre provides legal aid and advice to asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners in Finland.If you have any questions about international protection, residence permits, family reunification or other issues concerning foreign nationals, you may contact their legal advice (free of charge):By phone on weekdays from 10 am to 12 am: +358 9 2313 9325By email: neuvonta@pakolaisneuvonta.fiIf you need legal advice on issues related to undocumented migrants in Finland, you may contact their specialized lawyers (free of charge):By phone on Mondays from


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Liechtenstein Government for Ukraine

The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein makes financial contributions to proven partner organizations that have the necessary structures and experience to provide assistance on the ground in a needs-based, broadly effective and non-discriminatory manner.

Solidarity with Ukraine

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SEIF Is Offering Assistance in Norway

SEIF is offering assistance in Norway for those displaced in Norway by the war ongoing in Ukraine. Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger (SEIF) is a voluntary and independent organisation, established in 1986. They provide legal information, help to get in contact with the right public office or organisation and lend practical assistance by filling in forms or editing letters.They also have experience with helping LBTQ+ people in the migration process. Their website is mostly in Norwegian but has a very small section in English, Spanish, Somali and Arabic. You can contact the main office in Oslo mon – thu from

SEIF Website

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European film associations support Ukrainian actors

aktorky-ta-aktory.org is a digital home for professional actresses and actors from Ukraine – created “by actors for actors” together with key professional associations from across the European film industry.  The main goal of the initiative is to provide visibility to actresses and actors from Ukraine who, had to leave their home because of the terrible war, and to show solidarity and support in these difficult times. Actors and actresses are invited to create and maintain a professional profile free of charge. aktorky-ta-aktory.org operates on the platform of the European casting service Castupload, which means the performers’ profiles are automatically integrated into the individual systems


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Nordic Ukraine Forum

Nordic Ukraine Forum is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered in Sweden. We are a Ukraine-Nordics initiative launched to build bridges between Sweden and Ukraine, as well as facilitate the spread of knowledge and insights. We help to spread the knowledge about Ukraine and the situation therein in Sweden, as well as share best practices of Sweden with Ukrainian civil society actors.

Nordic Ukraine Forum Site

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