Something to learn and laugh about: ARD streams FREE content for Ukrainian children in Germany

The German national broadcaster is offering free content for children among the Ukrainian refugees. “ARD” is presenting a special section in its mediathek: a webpage entirely dedicated to the younger audience with plenty of free content under the banner “Ласкаво просимо! Тут ви знайдете, чому повчитися і посміятися. Сподіваємося, що вам це буде цікаво” (Welcome! Here you will find something to learn and laugh about. We hope you find this interesting).

By visiting the ARD mediathek, children can now watch many productions – animated and live ones – and find both entertainment and educational content. From classics like Shaun the Sheep and Der kleine Maulwurf, to nature documentaries. And, of course, educational programs that will help children to learn the German language.

The content is available in German. Selected programs can be watched in Ukrainian. German subtitles are also available.


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