Agnieszka Holland’s cast & crew speak out against the war

Cast & crew of Agnieszka Holland’s movie MR JONES (2019) about the Russian genocide committed on the Ukrainian people ninety years ago have set up their own youtube channel. They are calling out to the whole world today – when history has come full circle.

In her video-message Agnieszka Holland says: “My dear Ukrainian friends, I am the director of “Mr. Jones”, “Cina Pravdy”, the film we did together, to show to the world the Ukrainian cruel past and to give the warning to the world that things like that can happen again. Unfortunately this warning was not heard and we are living now the nightmare we’ve been afraid about…”

Please find all 19 videos on their filmforfreeukraine youtube channel


On the channel filmforfreeukraine points out as follows:

“In 1932, the Ukrainians rebelled against the Soviet Red Army. As a result of Joseph Stalin’s retaliatory decisions almost 4 million Ukrainians died of hunger. In 1933 Gareth Jones – a Welsh journalist – first reported to the Western world the existence of the famine. But the Soviet regime succeeded in hiding their crime of genocide with a chorus of denials with an American New York Times correspondent among many others.”

“On 24-02-2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. Today it’s 18-03-2022. The bombing of the cities continues. NATO still hasn’t closed the airspace over Ukraine. The officials stated 109 children were killed in the war so far!!!! The number of the civilians killed is growing every day.”

“The Russian state TV is still saying there is no War in Ukraine.”


Natalka Gordiy-Kukharska (UA) & Agata Wińska (PL)