99,9% Discount at the Goethe-Institut for Ukrainians

Goethe-Institut is present in 81 countries around the world. It has 159 institutes and 13 of them are in Germany.

One of its missions is to promote the German language and culture.

This time, Goethe-Institut comes to the aid and offers to Ukrainians a 99.9% discount on German language courses. The courses are for children, young people and adults who have a Ukrainian passport or residence permit.

PRICE 0.25€ (7грн.)

The courses are for the beginners, levels A1 and A2 and will be organized online on the learning platform of the institute. All learning materials are provided free.

Courses can start at any time, but in order to benefit from the discount, registration must be made by May 31, 2022. Also places are limited.

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